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I work with a number of projects. Please check them out below and if they resonate for you, feel invited to get in touch to explore participation or collaboration.

Synergy Forum

Synergy Forum is an international initiative dedicated to the integration of spiritual awakening with social innovation in service of humanity’s collective evolution. We understand ourselves as part of a worldwide movement of movements, all working to evolve consciousness, culture, and society. Our contribution is to deliver events around the world that seek to explore and empower this process, and to support individuals and groups to find their place within it. Find out more at:

Global Purpose Movement

Global Purpose Movement is a collective of change-makers convening and co-creating in the globe’s current shift toward a world that works for everyone. Find out more at:


Bright Alliance is a global community of spiritual practitioners from different traditions, working together to explore what it means to live according to our core values of awakening, authenticity, integration, and service. Find out more at:


Tibetan Buddhism is one of the world’s most profound mystical traditions. It holds some of the most powerful and direct teachings and practices to support spiritual awakening and our ability to live happy, free lives in harmony with the sacredness of all reality. For many, the highest teaching of Tibetan Buddhism is Dzogchen. These classes explore the path of Tibetan Buddhism and Dzogchen.

See Facebook page for details: