Naked Light


I have been privileged to work closely with a number of different teachers and guides.

  • At the level of awakening to the Absolute, I have been guided by my Tibetan Buddhist Dzogchen Lama, Tulku Khenchen Prachhimba Dorjee Rinpoche, who is a Lama in the Nyingma Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism and is based in Wales. I have also practiced with the Mahamudra and Dzogchen teacher, Daniel P. Brown.
  • At the level of soul-work, Bruce Lyon is a dear guide and beloved friend. Both Bruce and I are long-time students of the Trans-Himalayan teachings (Theosophy, Alice Bailey, Lucille Cedercrans, Helena Roerich), which are the most sophisticated body of teachings related to the reality of the soul and spiritual evolution I am aware of. I have also learned deeply from Aisha Salem.
  • At the level of the mind, I am a student of Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory and I studied psychology with a focus on neuroscience at university.
  • At the level of emotion, I have worked with some excellent psychotherapists who have been great guides in emotional process, integration and healing.
  • At the level of conscious sexuality I have completed the International School of Temple Arts trainings, have learned deeply from David Cates, and am strongly influenced by Sasha Cobra’s teachings.
  • At the level of the physical body, I have worked with some excellent bodyworkers here in Berlin, as well as dance and conscious movement.

I count my relationship with my partner as one of the richest fields of learning and growth in my life. I also experience nature as one of my greatest teachers. I find myself continually learning and growing as I participate in the exploration of how to heal, evolve and update our collective systems – economic, political, religious, educational, environmental, etc. – into forms that are oriented towards supporting the actualisation of every human being.