Awakening and Love

Spiritual awakening, in its purest sense, reveals one’s own true nature, and the true nature of everything, as the infinite awake presence emanating in pure radiance as the entire kosmos. This is primordial awareness non-dual with its divine effulgence, which is pure love. This is Christ radiating from Buddha – light emanating from the ground of being – compassion emanating from wisdom.

As such, awakening discloses every arising and movement of life as an expression of love – as Christ.

For many of us, that all life is an expression of love may be impossible to reconcile with there being so much suffering in the world and perhaps in our lives too. Perhaps we might feel the impulse to turn away from such a perspective, I can relate to this. My life has contained some intense and long lasting periods of deep suffering.

This love is not soft love though. It is not a love that is about individual satisfaction, happiness or superficial peace. It is deeper than any individual point of view and is operating according to an intelligence that so far transcends time and space in the way our individual bodymind’s understand them that it is almost unfathomable. As such, it is so easily missed in all the shock and tragedy of the world.

It is a love that has space for profound pain as well as joy. It is a love that somehow is operating through both, knowing them as both totally empty and yet utterly sacred. It is a love that embraces the whole, and that is always about the whole – about the drive of reality to open itself to itself – to touch and sometimes break open its own relative heart.

Something I have learned from this love is that each of our lives and all the joys and struggles they contain, can never be understood as isolated from the whole. Rather, the invitation of this love is for us to all to be ravished by life’s sometimes soft and sometimes fierce grace, and to share our lives and experience nakedly into the whole, into and with our communities, knowing that what is unfolding through each of our lives is about all of us together – is about all of it as one.